Sunday, July 7, 2013

Freezing Tofu

Several months ago I asked for advice on how to improve baked tofu.  I've had issues in the past with baked tofu coming out soft and unappetizing, rather than firm, browned, or even crispy.  One great tip was to be really thorough when pressing the tofu. Removing as much water as possible before baking it (or frying it, for that matter) is important.

The other day, however, I discovered another effective way to get firm, almost meaty tofu: freeze it!  Here's what I did:
  1. Press the tofu.
  2. Slice the tofu.
  3. Freeze the tofu in a sealed plastic bag.
  4. Thaw the tofu.
  5. Squeeze out any remaining water.
  6. Bake the tofu. (You could also marinate the tofu before baking.)
FYI, the tofu will turn a darker, yellower shade when it's frozen, but it regains its original color once it thaws.

Although this method requires some forethought, I'm definitely planning to freeze tofu as much as possible when using it in the future!  

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