Friday, November 30, 2012

Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Whip

I've been looking forward to trying out this recipe for banana-based "ice cream" for some time now.  (Click here for the recipe, which I followed as written.)  It contains just two ingredients: bananas and peanut butter.  It turns out that bananas have some pretty amazing properties when frozen--properties that are perfect for creating naturally-sweet frozen treats! 

A bowl of whip.
Unfortunately, this banana whip did not live up to my expectations in a couple ways.  First, the peanut butter flavor was definitely overpowered by the banana flavor.  The banana flavor is nice, but it's not what the recipe promises.  Second, I thought the texture of the whip was a bit gummy, or almost too thick.  If I make this dish again, I might blend in a tiny bit of soymilk to make it a bit lighter. 
It's hard to beat a recipe with just two ingredients--especially when one of the ingredients is old fruit and the other is a pantry staple! 
 Ease of Preparation:      
This recipe requires a bit of advanced preparation and takes a while to make, although most of that time is inactive.  Before making the banana whip, which simply requires food processing (or blending), you need to freeze the bananas for an hour or two. 
Non-vegan friendliness:           
The original recipe authors call this dish "ice cream," but I'm calling it a "banana whip."  As a frozen banana treat, it's decent; but, as a vegan version of ice cream, it doesn't make the cut. 

Despite my mediocre review of this recipe, I might give it another shot.  I'm curious to see if I can find a way to incorporate some chocolate into the whip.  Chocolate makes everything better. 


  1. Indeed!

    I've tried something similar 'cept I added some coconut cream from the top of a can of coconut milk, and after tasting it, I, too, felt it was much improved with the addition of chocolate chips.

  2. Adding other frozen fruits is also a good way to go.

  3. Hi Carol.
    Jared Crooks is an expert at banana whip (though I don't think we ever made peanut butter).
    Jared's secret is to wait until the bananas are very, very ripe. Like, too ripe to eat. Then put them in the freezer. If they are not super, super ripe, the whip is kind of gummy and not sweet enough.

    1. That makes sense -- thanks for the tip.