About this Blog

Welcome to My Blog

I've been happily vegan since November 5, 2007.  Now that I'm out of college and able to cook for myself on a regular basis, there's nothing stopping me from whipping up all sorts of vegan delectables and delights. 

I live with my boyfriend Simon and my good friend Rachel.  We eat most of our dinners together, but there's one catch: neither Rachel nor Simon is vegan.  In fact, they both like meat.  Thankfully, they're both willing to be "vegan after 6pm," as Rachel says--in other words, we cook vegan meals for dinner.  Sometimes they'll add some cheese or sour cream to a meal, but hey, we're not all vegan --- dinner is.   

This blog exists to record 1) what we eat for dinner and dessert, and 2) our reactions to those recipes.  I want to create a resource for anyone looking to cook a vegan meal or bake a delicious vegan dessert.  You're in the right place if you have any interest in veganism or vegan cooking or baking.  You're REALLY in the right place if you are a vegan who lives with or cooks for non-vegans, like I do.

Rating System

I rate each recipe in four categories in an effort to make my blog easier to navigate:
  • Taste: How is the taste, texture, and overall eating experience?
  • Accessibility: How expensive is the dish?  Are the ingredients found everywhere or just in specialty grocery stores?
  • Ease of preparation: How long does the dish take to prepare?  How difficult is preparation? 
  • Non-vegan friendliness: Does this dish appeal to non-vegans?
My rating scale will range from one to four carrots, with one carrot being the worst and four carrots being the best:

So, for instance, a dish that tastes great, has inexpensive and easy-to-find ingredients, is easy to make, and attracts vegans and non-vegans, alike, would receive four carrots in each category--the highest rating.

I hope this helps you choose which recipes you'd like to try out!

Camera Note

My camera is pretty old (read: it was the first digital camera my family ever owned).  I believe this is the model.  It takes surprisingly nice--but not perfect--photos.  It gets the job done; and after all, I'm a cook and baker, not a photographer. 

Thanks for Your Feedback

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve my blog or make my recipes clearer.  
On that note, please don't hesitate to comment on my recipes or ask questions.  I'd love to hear from you. 


  1. Hi Carol! I came across your blog while researching recipes for koshary. I am working up a blog post about this national dish of Egypt and I wondered if you would grant permission to link to your recipe? I am the host and co-producer of "The Intrepid Herbivores," an upcoming international travel guide to vegan food and I'm starting a feature on our blog based around user-submitted photos of vegan foods they discover on their travels! We are at www.intrepidherbivores.com and www.facebook.com/IntrepidHerbivores. Thanks for all the great recipes and terrific write-ups!

    1. Hi Sadie,

      You are certainly welcome to post a link to my recipe on your site. A vegan travel guide is a great idea. Thanks for getting in touch!